My Name is Prince exhibition

My Name is Prince exhibition

My Name is Prince exhibition

My Name Is Prince is the first ever official exhibition about iconic superstar and legendary performer Prince. Open since 8 March 2018 at Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, My Name Is Princegives fans the chance to get up close and personal with the music legend’s life and work at this retrospective, which celebrates the legacy of one of pop music’s most influential figures, Prince Rogers Nelson.

My Name Is Prince showcases hundreds of never before seen artefacts direct from Paisley Park, Prince’s famous Minnesota private estate.  Visitors get a unique insight into the life, creativity and vision of one of the most naturally gifted recording artists of all time.

Fans visiting My Name Is Prince have the chance to witness awe-inspiring exhibits including instruments, stage outfits, awards and handwritten song lyrics.  Artefacts leaving Paisley Park for the first time in this unique exhibition include:

  • Clothing from the 1984/1985 Purple Rain tour and the 1988/1989 Lovesexy tour.
  • Wardrobe from the 1990 film, Graffiti Bridge.
  • Gibson L6-S Deluxe guitar that Prince used when he made his national television debut on American Bandstand in 1980. Also used on the Prince tour and Dirty Mind tour.
  • The original bass that was the inspiration for the Cloud guitar.
  • The orange Cloud guitar made for Prince’s 2007 Super Bowl halftime performance (used during The Earth tour in 2007).
  • Third-eye sunglasses from 2014.
  • Diamond studded cane from 2015.
  • Clothing worn during the 2007 3121 shows, 21 nights at The O2 shows and many more.
  • Diamond vest worn during his 2013 V magazine shoot.
  • The Raspberry Beret cloud suit from 1985.

Prince’s siblings said: “Our family is extremely honoured to have this exhibit in The Netherlands, and we know Prince would be as well. He loved to share his work and life with his fans. We know him as a brother who became not only one of the most prolific songwriters of all time, but an entertainer and musician who was unlike any other. It’s only appropriate we share him and these amazing artefacts with the world now that he’s gone.”

Paisley Park’s Director of Archives, Angie Marchese, said: “At Paisley Park, Prince constructed and inhabited a creative reality that was wholly unique, allowing him to fluidly develop music and artistic works spontaneously and without limitation. He envisioned Paisley Park as one day being opened to the public. Through this exhibition, we are expanding his dream to share with a wider audience, and allow visitors to Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam to experience all his greatness through the artefacts direct from his Paisley Park Archives.”